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From inspiration to concept to puppet design, no two days are the same in the life of a Puppet Builder. Are you looking for a unique puppet character for your next project or new production? I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients, creating original, customized puppets based on their unique preferences and needs. Contact me today to get started on your next project.

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“Puppets have always been one of the things I love the most. They provide hours of entertainment to everyone around them and I find people interact better with a puppet then a human sometimes. I was lucky enough that Mike found time to create this amazing puppet for me. The likeness is so specific and spot on, even down to the tattoo of my children’s names on me right wrist. Fantastic work and I just can’t seem to put my puppet down. I think my wife now would rather talk to the puppet then me… thanks Mike for a great job well done!”

Howard Berger
Academy Award Winner


“I had just finished work on a large summer tentpole movie and it had not been a good experience. So as I finished I decided that there needed to be some positive memento of the many months spent away on location. An email was sent, a request was made and a relatively short time after, a large box arrived at my home.

I had never been so excited about receiving anything in the mail as I was that day. I took the box out to the cabana in my back garden. Sitting patiently inside having endured the trip from New York to Hollywood was something I had wanted since I was a little boy watching TV at home in Melbourne Australia with my family.

My very own Fozzie Bear. Some say he is a replica, or a rendition. But to me, he is the real deal. Looking up at me from inside that box was the most beautifully made Fozzie I had ever seen, hat spotted tie and all. He came straight out of the box and in seconds was alive. There is something about him that transcends any belief you could have that he is not real. He truly has a life of his own.

All I can say is that MJL Puppets are the real deal. Beautiful work, impeccable craftsmanship and every creation that comes out of their shop is a labor of love. One day I hope to be lucky enough to have an entire collection of these beautiful creatures. Until then Fozzie holds pride of place in my home as one of the great treasures of my life.”

Adam Howard
Visual Effects Supervisor
Hollywood, California

Adam Howard


"Thank you for the most incredible gift I’ve ever received! When my dear friend and work partner presented me with this gift I was completely blown away. Not only was it such a fun and unusual, it was so life like, I mean it was me in every way. As soon as anyone see’s it they just laugh and laugh at the mini me. I can’t imagine a better gift. I’m so grateful to own this work of art and our family will treasure it forever!"

Johnny Villanueva
Hair/Make-up Artist

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